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Employee Spotlight, John Stanley, Project Manager

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Stanley, John


John Stanley,

Project Manager,

Virginia Office




Tell me about your current project.
Progressive Waste Solutions, Brampton, Ontario, CNG time-fill fueling station and vehicle maintenance shop upgrade. Owner is supplying standby generator for CNG System which must be wired to switchgear. The Shop Upgrade will require the installation of fire-rated walls, sprinkler system, make up air system, vehicle exhaust system, and fire alarm system.
WM, Gaithersburg, Maryland, CNG time-fill fueling station and vehicle maintenance shop upgrade. Time-fill system is unique in two ways: it will have the 1st IMW Complete CNG Skid [all-in-one-skid] installed by the East Region, and it will have the 1st Truck Launch Lighting Control System in the US.

What’s your favorite part about working at ET?
There is a general comradery and willingness to share information and lessons learned that extends throughout the company.

What has been your favorite job or project in your career?
A fast-track, design/build standby generator fueling system for a very large data center in Chandler, AZ, involving 80,000-gallons of underground diesel storage, underground fuel piping, extensive carbon steel piping inside the building, fuel monitoring and pump/valve controls.

What has been the most challenging project in your career?
Design/build for a standby generator fueling system for a large, multi-level data center in the Washington, DC area. This project involved specifying/installing multiple Simplex fuel pumps and a master control panel that directed filling of multiple daytanks mounted in rooftop-mounted generator enclosures. A particularly challenging aspect was the field work associated with the FPT at the conclusion of the project.

What are some things that most people don’t know about you?
I played baseball well past my college years and remain a huge fan of Major League Baseball.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?
Collecting/listening to traditional/smooth jazz as well as jazz fusion, road cycling, and traveling.

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