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Employee Spotlight- Raz Alexe

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Alexe, Raz


Meet Raz Alexe, PE, LEED AP BD&C

Senior Design Manager

Mystic, CT



Current projects:
Waste Management – Waterloo, Ontario Canada and WM – Romulus, MI – Design-build a CNG Fueling Facility and Maintenance shop upgrades to accommodate a CNG fleet.

What’s your favorite part about working at ET or on your current project?
I like the complexity of working on projects that involve mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering knowledge.

What has been your favorite job or project in your career?
Being part of the engineering design and construction team of Unit 1 CANDU 6-type nuclear reactor (705.6 MW). The CANDU (Canadian Deuterium – 2H) reactor technology from Atomic Energy Canada (AECL), used heavy water as its neutron moderator and water from the Danube – Black Sea Canal for cooling. My role as part of a team of engineers was to implement the water cooling pumps system on the electrical side.

What’s your home town and where do you live now?
Toronto, Canada now living in Avon, Connecticut.

What are some things that most people don’t know about you?
I love classical music.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?
Playing with my children and reading (fiction).

What’s your favorite sports team?
NY Giants.

Does your dream vacation require snow gear, sunscreen, or something else?
Snow gear.

Favorite quote?
“Engineering is not philosophy, and most engineers are not trained philosophers. But every engineer who thinks about the reasons for professional actions must sooner or later ask, What do I think the right thing is? and Can I really choose freely?” (K. Stephan, P.E.)

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Based in ET's Phoenix, AZ office, Tina Reed holds a BA and Cert. of Construction Management from Arizona State University.