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Spotlight on Troy Quesnel

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Troy Quesnel


Meet Troy Quesnel, Design Manager

Ketchum, Idaho office







Tell us about your current projects:

Compton CNG, time-fill fueling with innovative distribution system and shop upgrades, Compton, CA
Denver North CNG, time-fill expansion and retail for large 220 truck fleet, Commerce City, CO
Santa Ana shop upgrades, Santa Ana, CA
Irvine shop upgrades, Irvine, CA
Forest Grove CNG, time-fill CNG fueling and

shop upgrades, Forest Grove, OR,

Portland CNG, time-fill CNG fueling expansion, Portland, OR

Denver South, time-fill fueling facility and shop upgrades, Englewood, CO

ET IT Manager, oversee IT program for ET

What’s your favorite part about working for ET?

Working for ET allows me to live in a great community. I get to work on projects that make a difference for our clients and the environment.

What’s your home town and where do you live now?

Home town – Saratoga, CA

Now – Ketchum, ID

What are some things that most people don’t know about you?

I’ve been a ski patroller at Sun Valley Ski Resort for

15yrs and train avalanche search dogs.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?

Traveling the world with my wife and 2 children, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, camping

What three words best describe you?

Never stand still!

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