Schumacher, Alex



Alex Schumacher,

Design Manager

Chicago, IL Office




Tell me about your current project.
CNG Fueling and Maintenance Facility, Rockdale, IL
ET is providing design, planning, permitting and construction services for the installation of a new private time-fill fueling system for an initial fleet size of 35 refuse trucks in Phase 1 and an additional 35 time-fill stalls in Phase 2.  The project also includes a vehicle defueling system and code compliant CNG vehicle repair facility upgrades to an existing 10,000-sf maintenance garage with 10 service bays.

What’s your favorite part about working at ET or on your current project?
The people at ET are all friendly and helpful. It is refreshing that all levels of ET are involved when required and actively participate for the good of the company.

What has been your favorite job or project in your career?
Freemont Community Digester – It was an anaerobic bio digester that I was the project engineer on. The project was not only interesting, but I was heavily involved with everything which was great for a young engineer.

What are some things that most people don’t know about you?
I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters.

What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes?
Golf and Hockey

What are three of your favorite things (of any kind)?
Food, sleep, large bodies of water to swim in.

If you won the lottery, what would you do?
Retire, as much as I love ET. Set my family and a couple friends up for early retirement as well, because what’s the point if you’re the only one. Buy a house on Maui.



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